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Choosing components


You can just take any opamp you like. I used a TL084 for U1.A...U1.D and a TL082 for U2.A and U2.B. A single TL084 contains 4 opamps; a TL082 contains 2 opamps:


All resistors except R3...R6 are generic 1/4W resistors. R3...R6 should be 1% precision resistors to make sure that U3's output is exactly RIN - LIN.

If you want to control the amount of bass signal, you may replace R12 with a variable resistor.

Power supply

The power supply has not been drawn in the schematic. It can be just a simple small symmetric power supply. A +/- 6V supply is sufficient for the vocal eliminator, so, in the supply, TR1 can be a 15V transformer and U1 a 78(L)12 voltage regulator.