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Practical Examples

This is the deflection circuit of a small TV. It has no East-West correction.

Transistor 7445 is the HOT. Capacitor 2451 is the Cs. It's obvious that choke Lp is part of a transformer.

Capacitor 2446 is the Cfb. Its peak voltage is 700V. That also shows that it must be a small TV.

This is a deflection circuit that does have an East-West correction.

Transistor Q503 is the HOT. D505 contains both diodes of the diode modulator. C524 is Cfb and C525 is Cfs2. P501 represents the horizontal defelction coils. P502 is Lsat. C520 and C521 make the Cs. L501 is Lmod and C527 is Cmod.

By the way, this is not the deflection circuit of a TV, but of a computer monitor. This can be easily concluded from the fact that the scan time is just 3.3 + 15.2 = 18.5us, instead of 64us. The refresh frequency is 1/11.75ms = 85Hz. That also explains why Cs consists of two capacitors in series. At other frequencies, a MOSFET can be turned on, which connects C518 in parallel with C520. This will change the value of Cs, providing a better picture quality for that frequency.