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Welcome to the world of Electronics

This course will take you to the magnificent world of electronics. Have you always wanted to be able to design your own electronics circuits? This is your chance!

We start with a few lessons about voltage, current en resistance. Next, we'll discuss power dissipation and capacitors, diodes and transistors.
We now have enough knowlegdge to build a simple power supply. And after a few lessons about differential amplifiers and operational amplifiers, we are even able to design and build a professional lab power supply. En after an extra lesson we can calculate the heatsink we need.
Next, we learn how to design a power amplifier.
After that, we will discuss inductors. And how to calculate decibels, often used in voltage and power ratios.
After building a Vocal Eliminator (a handy device allowing you to remove the vocals from a song), we will discuss different kinds of FET's and filters.
Next, we return to semi-conductors: DIAC's, SCR's and TRIAC's.

Since this course is far from finished, please visit it regurlarly for the latest update.
NEW! Many asked for it, and it's now finally available: the whole course in a PDF file, wich can be dowloaded as a zip file. The layout might not be perfect, but it's better than nothing.


If you have any comments about the contents or about my writing, please drop a message.