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21   Link   FC's Electronic Circuits
22   Link   Guide Circuit
Electronic circuit & schematics Collection resource for Hobbyist, Engineers, Students, R&D Engigineer , Design theory, Microcontroller Project,Software Development.
23   Link   Hobby Projects
24   Link   Hobbyprojecten.nl
In Dutch.
25   Link   Knolles Elektronik Page
In German.
26   Link   Mighty's radio site
27   Link   PCB Heaven
28   Link   PIC Basic Projects
29   Link   Prolectron Electronic Schematics
30   Link   RadioLocman Schematics search engine
31   Link   Ronald's electronic project site
Primarily PIC projects, Nixie and other exotic tubes and clocks.
32   Link   SatSleuth schematics
(formerly CommLinx)
33   Link   Schakelingen Online
Schematics, course, forum, etc. In Dutch.
34   Link   Schematheek
Schematics, forum, datasheets, etc. In Dutch.
35   Link   Science Lobby
36   Link   Show Your Projects
Navigation in English; project descriptions in Dutch.
37   Link   Sonelec-Musique
Audio schematics. In French.
38   Link   Switch Mode Power Supplies
A site dedicated to Switch Mode Power Supplies designers.
39   Link   Tomi Engdahl's electronics info page
40   Link   www.circuit-diagrams.com
Free collection of simple circuit diagrams.
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